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One apartment community to provide low-rent apartments to minorities and immigrants in  Florida

INTERNATIONALSince there is crisis everywhere around the world, either in poor countries or modern nations; as Christians’ foundation it would be unfair to think only about Haiti and ignore all of the suffering and agony of others in many poor countries around the globe. RUNHARDH realizes it would be necessary to have an International Program to provide its support on the international level. Since the housing crisis has affected almost every nation around the world, the poor and the middle class struggle either to afford a house or to keep their current house because of financial problems.


Therefore, high housing prices represent a huge obstacle for everyone. Not only a solution to this matter very ambiguous and complicated, but in many parts of the world, some governments have no resources to provide low-rent or low-price housing to the poor and the middle class. Some of them do not realize they have a responsibility regarding this crisis. Very often, immigrants and minorities are struggling the most to be able to provide their families a place to live. This is the reason RUNHARDH plans to build its first apartment community in Florida to provide low-rent apartments to the minorities and immigrants. Then it will provide this service abroad, depending on the fundraising and the support from the International Community. As Christians, we should provide our assistance to assist those who are in need.



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