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Transportation system within each District and between Communes

transportation1Transportation is a nightmare for the Haitian people; people are dependent on private and unregulated operators to transport people and goods, ignoring rules of the road and requirements for transporting people and goods locally and longer distances. Accidents are frequent with injuries and fatalities but rarely do people have insurance or money to help the victims.  The situation becomes even more hazardous when taxi and autobus drivers are crossing from one department into another. Development and efficient operation of transportation systems are keys to the success of a country like Haiti, but little progress has been made so far.

We recognize the importance of better transportation in achieving our goal.  Therefore we intend to create an autobus company and establish an autobus station in each District and Commune of Haiti. Initially, our plan is to procure three large modern autobuses and three mid-sized modern autobuses in each department of Haiti to transport people locally and from one department to another or Districts and Communes.

Even though Haiti is a poor country, precious food and essential goods are wasted or destroyed when safe, dependable, and timely transportation is not available. Our additional plan is to procure three trailers and transport trucks for each department. Because there is also a big problem with transporting construction materials, we also plan to get three dump trucks for each province in Haiti.  Our goal of achieving unity and national reconciliation will be advanced significantly by having reliable access to transportation for people, goods, and materials.




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