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For homeless & low income people

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One modern housing communities for homeless & low income people in every Department of Haiti

HOMELESSHOUSINGSAdditional affordable housing communities are needed for the homeless people throughout Haiti, who often must turn to crime just to survive. The numbers of homeless people on the streets continue to grow, without agencies or groups to care for them or help them manage their affairs.  Their desperate actions threaten the security of people throughout the country, leading to fear and abandonment of those areas where homeless people cluster together.  Even though gangs, thieves, and murderers are roving in the streets, the law enforcement and judicial systems are not able to restore civil order or operate an effective criminal justice system.  By providing basic housing and community needs to Haiti’s homeless, hope and faith will be restored among all the people, security and public safety will improve, and we will be able to welcome Haitians and other visitors coming from foreign countries.  We must establish safe and affordable housing throughout the country since 77% of Haiti’s extremely poor live in rural areas.



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