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Project #5   One human rights office & social justice in every District of Haiti

humanrightSince human rights abuses abound in Haiti, in the Dominican Republic, and worldwide, we seek to establish offices for human rights in every department in Haiti and to encourage similar offices in Dominican Republic.

Every human being deserves the freedom to live without fear, the opportunity to protect their rights, and to feel comfortable to live in a society where justice for all is a priority. Because many individuals do not have the capacity to protect these rights, they need someone to be a voice for them. Where in the world is it possible to work for change without justice? Justice is the key and the foundation of any country that wants to bring change for the well being of all people. Too often, Haitians languish in jails and prisons without any due process of law.  Prisoners lack clean water, food, and clothing.  Women have no access to sanitary supplies or personal care items.

The human rights offices will try to provide water, food, clothing, and supplies to prisoners on a regular basis, while advocating for due process and equitable justice including lawyers to represent them in court.  Conditions in the prisons and jails in Haiti are horrendous and successful human rights services will help to rebuilt unity and national reconciliation among all the people of Haiti.



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