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LAW SCHOOLS    A modern law school in each Department of Haiti

LawSchoolIn a country with nonexistent judicial system either with corruption or weakness for lack of education, reform, formation and equipment to the personnel, there are not enough prisons for those who break the law. Since the world knows no society can survive with equality, democracy, and social justice without a sustainable judicial system, no one can expect unity, peace, and restoration of Haiti with a nonexistent judicial system. The international community knew that change would not be possible in Haiti with a dying judicial system; therefore, the urgency to reform the system should be a priority for those who want to help that nation. Otherwise all their sacrifices would be in vain; history proves that a nation cannot be restored, modernized or developing without justice and good citizens to enforce the laws to create a peaceful environment.

As a result, the country needs a legal system where the lawyers understand their duty to do the best they can so that their clients benefit all the rights they can afford through the legal system. In order to bring reform it would be imperative to have competent and diligent professionals who represent the people. They should use the legal procedures or the due process of law to protect rights of individuals and not to harass or intimidate the population. The system needs lawyers who see the urgency to seek improvement of the judiciary system that will influence and contribute to a better society. Through reform and an effective institution that will innovate or renovate the legal education, this will provide better lawyers for our society. This will create the opportunity to protect the interest of every citizen where very often the poor cannot afford competent legal aid to protect their rights. To achieve these goals, Haiti’s Peace Corps plans to establish one modern law school in each Department of the country to prepare the students to be instruments of change for their country.



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