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PUBLIC LIBRARIES         One modern public libraries in each District and Commune

publiclibrariesIt is hard to imagine life without access to public libraries, a source of books, publications, technology, and community gatherings.  Students and citizens without community libraries are not able to conduct research, prepare their assignments, or enjoy reading books and magazines for pleasure or professional benefit.

By establishing three modern public libraries in each department in Haiti, people will be able to access print materials and publications, share audiovisual resources, and make use of computer technology to learn about specific subjects, to communicate, to prepare projects and documents, or to develop specific skills. Students will benefit from study centers equipped with the resources needed to be successful in all levels of education.  Community rooms and meeting spaces will facilitate gatherings for education, music, theater, and other community events. These public libraries will contribute to the restoration of hope, faith, motivation, and practical skills needed to mobilize the people of Haiti to work collaboratively for public benefit.



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