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LITERACY CENTERS      One in every village, city, and urban area in Haiti

literacycenterFewer than 55% of Haiti’s adults are considered literate, a fact that can no longer be ignored.  Government and private agencies aim to improve conditions in Haiti without dealing with the barriers of illiteracy. While the majority of Haitian adults never attended school at all, only 22% of today’s elementary students are able to enroll in secondary schools, and in rural areas, only 28% of the school aged children receive any formal education. No meaningful change and collaboration is going to take place without providing increased educational support for children and adults.

By establishing literacy centers in every village, city, and urban area, people will be able to overcome their educational barriers.  Basic literacy will equip people to read, write, and compute enough to manage their own affairs and to seek better employment. Some students will receive support and instruction sufficient to pass the G.E.D. examination and obtain high school equivalency credentials, also equipping them for higher level jobs and personal success.  It is possible for these literacy centers to provide specialized information and training on topics related to health care, family planning, sustainable development, micro business opportunities, or community development. These centers can be essential components in the overall plan of bringing change and national reconciliation among the people of Haiti.



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