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High Schools  1 in each Arrondissement or District

HSOur goal is to develop modern schools in every department of Haiti, incorporating the standards for facilities, technology, strategies, and commitment to excellence found in the United States and other advanced countries. Haiti’s traditional focus on rote memorization will be enhanced with cognitive development, creative and critical thinking and logical approaches to problem-solving required of students who will become contributing citizens of the future.  Students will learn non-violent strategies for conflict resolution and develop national identities as brothers and sisters working for the common good. Students will bring love, hope, and faith to their communities and to the nation.

The poor quality of many Haitian schools prevents students from achieving educational goals, passing national tests, or graduating from high school and being able to attend universities. Poor and flimsy buildings endanger students and inhibit students progress.  A network of modern elementary, middle, and high schools is needed in each department of Haiti.

Goal: One modern Elementary school in each Arrondissement and Commune

One modern Middle school in each Arrondissement and Commune

One modern High school in each Arrondissement or District



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