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Middle Schools          1 in each Arrondissement and Commune

middleschoolIn Haiti, 65% of the population has no level of education; 25% have a level equivalent to 4 years of primary education; 10% have a higher level. One third of school-age children cannot go to school because their parents are too poor, and sadly less than 30% of the children going into first grade will be admitted to seventh grade. Since almost all schools in Haiti are private, there are very low standards; many schools are just a one room hut. Students have very little access if any to computers and modern technologies. Fewer than 2% graduate from secondary schools. More than 50% of Haiti’s children are not attending any school; 15% of Haiti’s schools are public, and in 9% of these schools, clergy are involved in teaching and administration.

In Haiti, 95% of all schools in the country are fee-based – even for the poorest of the poor. At present there are between 500,000 and one million children and youth out of school because their families are unable to pay the fees, and an equal number are under constant threat of dismissal because their parents have trouble making regular payments. On average it costs the equivalent of US $60 in tuition for a child to attend primary school for one year. With the national unemployment rate close to 80 percent and the majority of the population living on less than $1 per day, most families must make tremendous sacrifices to send their children to school.donategreen


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