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Elementary Schools   1 in each Arrondissement and Commune & Pre-K Schools

ELEMENTARYSCHOOLHaitian students must have quality education in order to participate in positive efforts to change our country.  Our students must believe that they have educational opportunities, that they can follow their career and vocational goals, and that they can be successful citizens who love our country and can work together to bring about necessary changes. Without substantial improvements in educational opportunities for children and adults, such changes will continue to be beyond reach.

Consider the demographic data for 2010:

Projected population: 10,060,000     (100%)

Primary school entry, age 6: 242,000   (2.4%)

Primary school, ages 6-11: 1,422,000  (14.1%)

Secondary school, ages 12-18 1,553,000 (15.4%) 



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