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Project #1   Child abandonment 

Three Orphanages in each department of Haiti

orphanagesMore than 630,000 Haitian children are living without parental care; many of them are street children in the urban areas, victims of violence, hunger, lack of education, and health problems including HIV. Abandoned and angry children fall prey to street gangs, criminal lifestyles, or child trafficking.  In order for Haiti to progress into a peaceful and secure environment, these orphans must be provided love, security, education, and health care in safe shelters with adequate staff, food, and support.  Investment in these children now will produce responsible citizens prepared to be agents of change for unity and national reconciliation in Haiti.

Haiti’s mortality rate for children under 5 years old is 117 out of 1,000, compared to 8 out of 1,000 in the United States. The infant mortality rate is 74 per 1,000 live births.

Child malnutrition of children under 5 is 19%.

Goal: To establish and support three orphanages in each state (department) in Haiti.donategreen


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