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Our organization is comprised of donors and concerned Christians in the United States and other countries; we also include Haitians who request assistance or express a need to which we hope to respond.  By developing and expanding our membership base, we will be able to involve time, talent, and treasure of members wherever they live or are able to assist.  Haitians and others around the world will be involved directly in designing and participating in various projects.


Our members include a network of leaders and concerned citizens from each of the departments (states) of Haiti, with representatives from most of the major cities throughout the country.  We are also enrolling workers, students, and families from rural communities who are committed to improving the conditions within their villages and surrounding areas.  Our expanding membership base includes additional people from the United States and other countries who share our vision and are committed to supporting us and working with us to achieve our goals.



  • 1. Being informed of the progress of our organization and specific projects.
  • 2. Opportunities to support the organization and its projects with donations of money, goods and supplies, time, and additional resources.
  • 3. Networking among those with resources and those with specific needs to help address problems and identify solutions.  These might involve employment, medical care, education, church operations, construction projects, etc.
  • 4. Learning of specific projects that our members are involved in developing and implementing in different communities throughout Haiti, providing input to developing and expanding our programs, and being able to offer suggestions and designated resources to help each project become successful.
  • 5. Sharing a common vision for reconciliation and unification of the people of Haiti as an essential approach to long-term solutions which will bring about effective improvements and meaningful change throughout the country.




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