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Fort-Liberté (Kreyòl: Fòlibète) is the administrative centre of the Nord-Est Department, Haiti. It is also the chief city of an arrondissement of the same name. 

Fort-Liberté, one of the oldest cities in the country, was founded in 1578. The French-designed town faces a bay where one can reach many forts by boat, the most famous being Fort-Dauphin, which was built in 1732. There are two other forts overlooking the bay - Fort-Lachatre and Labouc or Fort-Labourque.

The city was once called Bayaha by the Indians and the Spanish; the French called it Fort-Dauphin (now also known as Fort St. Joseph) until their expulsion in 1804, upon which the city gained its present name.

After Henri Christophe proclaimed himself King Henri I of Haiti in 1811, he renamed the city Fort-Royal; after his death in 1820 it became Fort-Liberté again.

In September 1892 José Martí, a leader of the Cuban independence movement and a national hero, visited Le Cap, Gonaïves and Fort Liberté on his way to join the war for Cuban independence.

Approaching Fort Dauphin (also known as Fort Saint Joseph) from the North.

  FORT-LIBERTYDépartement du Nord-Est

Le département du Nord-Est est divisé en 4 Arrondissements et 13 Communes :

FORT-LIBERTY-AERIALVIEWAerial view of Fort-Liberté  

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