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Summary and Conclusion

From ancient civilization to the modern era, it has been always difficult to achieve something positive when trying to bring changes and improvements in the lives of others. It is obvious to us that many people will continue to object and oppose our goal or bringing national reconciliation in Haiti. We are certain that both believers and unbelievers who oppose our vision will be surprised in the future.  With God’s help, our vision will be made reality.  We believe that with faith, nothing is impossible and that goals are achieved through that faith in action. While many people have given up on Haiti, we are convinced that our country is not hopeless at all.  With faith, determination, and hard work, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

We can look at the history and experiences of others for inspiration. In just 200 years, the United States grew from 13 colonies to 50 states, while the population grew from 262,000 to over 300,000,000 today.  The success of the United States can be attributed to the dreams of people throughout its history, and the faith that would not allow people or circumstances to prevent those dreams from becoming reality. Concrete actions were taken that resulted in a new nation being born and eventually becoming the most powerful nation on earth. We can draw hope from this story that change is possible if people are willing to work for it. We are not looking to expand our territory or our population, but we need to work together for change through unity and national reconciliation, relatively simple goals that are not impossible to achieve. We invite others to join hands with us in turning our vision into reality.


From another perspective, recall the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s prediction and its relevance to our world today.  He said, “La chine est un géant qui dort, ne le réveille pas car il ébranlerait le monde.” That translates in English, “China is a giant who is sleeping; do not wake him up, it will make the world tremble.”  With a population of 1.3 billion people and as the second economic superpower in this modern world; does China represent the reality that Napoleon predicted? Since the economic reforms launched in China three decades ago, its success becomes more relevant. Moreover, the Premier of China said, “Beijing plans to erase a total of $40 billion in debt owed by 46 countries and give out $ 29 billion in aid to developing countries.”  In most supermarkets and in nearly every home around the world, Chinese products are obvious. “China is on track to outstrip the U.S. in scientific research activity over the next two years, according to Royal Society report in 2011.” For the first time in the world, China last year topped the United States and the United Kingdom as the biggest seller of art (AllGov). According to World Bank, the Chinese empire could take first place ahead of the United States economically in 2025. Last year “2010” China has lent more money than the World Bank.


Does the communist state have a dream? From one day to the next, the dreams of the Chinese people become more real and evident to the rest of the world. Not only that nation has dedicated its full strength to achieving its goals, but without faith, determination, and hard work, it would have been impossible for the Chinese to achieve so much and improve the living conditions of their people. We believe that Haiti is a small nation but it can also achieve stability and growth through national reconciliation. In that effort, we need your help; even if you had lost hope for Haiti’s future, we invite you now to renew your faith and join us in bringing freedom to the poorest nation in the western hemisphere through love, unity, and national reconciliation.


In addition, we can draw inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King who was so confident in his dream for equality for African Americans. He said, “I have a dream … one day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” Even though Dr. King was assassinated, that did not prevent his dream from becoming a reality. Not only the descendants of former slaves and slave owners share together at the table of brotherhood; those same children of slaves and slave owners together elected the first African American descendant to become President of this great nation. The election of Barak Obama was possible only with the support of people from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, combining his faith with theirs to reach this amazing outcome. In this achievement we can recognize the power of faith.  People sometimes are discouraged from continuing their efforts because they think they are too old or afraid of death. Faith is more powerful than death; time does not exist for faith. Faith itself has no beginning and no end because its source is divine. Therefore, if we have faith, nothing in this world can stop us. Consequently, we also share strong confidence that our vision will become reality; we are not working without God’s blessing, and our efforts will be recognized throughout the world. We are inviting you to help us overcome the obstacles and transform this vision into reality. We ask you to share our perspective to bring national reconciliation in Haiti.


Finally, just as modern nations have dreams to bring improvement in their citizens’ lives, one day the majority of Haitian people will have a similar goal for our country. Faith is the foundation of our efforts as one of the most powerful resources we can use to transform our country. As happens within modern nations, even those with stability, the people must continue to work together to improve the political systems, the economy, and society as a whole, but without such unity, obstacles would stand in their way. We believe that justice will prevail in Haiti because the people of our nation are thirsty for peace. We want to have love, hope, and faith again. As brothers and sisters together, we can eliminate the hatred, the dirty politics, the selfish exploitations, corruption and the other barriers to our freedom and progress to preserve our morals’ value. We can join together with a common purpose to transform and develop our nation; we will provide our children with a better future. We must eliminate the divisiveness that defeats us and commit ourselves to the national reconciliation of our country. We believe that by working together with faith, determination, united support, and hard work, love and unity can replace violence and division that have plagued us for so long. We are convinced that we can renew our patriotism and nationalism to achieve unity and national reconciliation in Haiti.

“I am very sure in this day that we are the masters of our destiny that the duty allotted to us is not over our strength and that the sufferings and the wear and the tear of this duty won’t go over the limits of our endurances. As long as we have faith in our own cause and the unshakable will to win, the victory won’t be refused to us.” (Winston Churchill)


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