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Union for National Reconciliation and Defense of Human Rights in Haiti, Inc.

This non-profit foundation is 501(c) 3 organization that registered with the Haitian government that has been founded by Haitian Christians who are troubled by the continuing struggles in Haiti and have dedicated their lives to be agents of change for Haiti.  Although churches and other humanitarian organizations have been trying to assist Haiti for over 200 years, progress has been slow and sometimes overwhelmed by violence, corruption, hurricanes, and floods.  Recognizing that extensive efforts have had inadequate results, many questions have remained unanswered.

  •  Why do human conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate in spite of the generous and sacrificial contributions of churches and other organizations?
  •  How can effective change be possible in a country divided for more than 200 years?
  •  How can effective change be possible when many Haitians have lost hope and faith that their country can be changed?
  •  How can effective change be possible when the population has lost trust in their politicians and their government?
  •  How can people work together for change when most people believe the only way to help themselves and their families is to leave their country?
  •  In short, what strategies are needed to bring about positive and lasting changes in Haiti?

Until these neglected questions are addressed, substantial change is not likely. The solution must involve national unity and reconciliation, a movement to bring hope and faith among the people of Haiti that our country can be improved by working together.  It is our duty and responsibility to be involved in the redevelopment of our country, overcoming the corruption and forces that have destroyed much of our nation and prevented relief efforts from succeeding.  We must combine both words and actions to bring our vision to reality.

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“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” Dr. Martin Luther King


  •  Life expectancy (2008)

oFemale       59.35 years in Haiti     81.13 years in United States

oMale          55.83 years in Haiti     75.29 years in United States   




“Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King


Our priority is to unite the Haitian people, to bring national reconciliation among our citizens, and to defend human rights in Haiti and beyond.  We realize that our message of love, unity, and national reconciliation in every department, city, county, urban area, and village alone cannot change Haiti. The Haitian people must organize multiple efforts to improve conditions for our children, adults, and elderly citizens in poverty and hardship conditions, especially those who are homeless or without adequate caregivers. We must address health care, education, housing, water and sanitation issues throughout the country. We must ensure that churches, industry, transportation, fuel, and agricultural resources are available throughout the country, in rural as well as in urban areas, and we must equip with radio and television stations as communication channels throughout our movement. Finally, we need to focus on abuses in Haiti and beyond, focusing on human rights, identification, prevention, and rectification.


The hope and faith of the Haitian people can and will be restored when we see and support successful projects to address each of these issues.  Our responsibility is to work together to bring these changes about in our country, to establish unity and national reconciliation in our beloved Haiti.  We need the support and efforts of all the people of Haiti, of Haitians living outside of our country, and of people throughout the world who support our mission and projects.

Do not be overcame by evil but overcome evil with good. “Apostle Paul”


Project #1   Three Orphanages in each department of Haiti

Project #2       Pre-K – Schools, Literacy Centers, Libraries, and Higher Education

  • Elementary Schools   one in each Arrondissement & Commune
  • Middle Schools          one in each Arrondissement & Commune
  • High Schools              one in each Arrondissement or District
  • Literacy Centers        one in each village, city, and urban area
  • Public Libraries         one in each Arrondissement & Commune
  • Community Colleges one in each Arrondissement or District
  • Universities                one  in each Department
  • Medical Schools         one in each Department
  • Law Schools               one in each Department

Project #3   Hospitals, Public Health Clinics, and Nursing Homes

  •  One modern hospital in each Department of Haiti
  •  One modern public health clinic in every city, urban area, and village
  •  Two modern nursing home in each Department of Haiti
  •  Three  modern HIV/AIDS centers in each Department of Haiti

Project #4    One church in every District & Commune of Haiti

Project #5    Two human rights office in every Department of Haiti

Project #6    Affordable Housing

  •   Three modern housing communities for widows & elderly in every Department  of Haiti
  •   Three modern housing communities for homeless & low income people in every Department of Haiti

Project #7    Water, Sewer, and Sanitation Projects in every District of Haiti

  •   One modern water treatment plant in every District of Haiti

Project #8    Transportation system within each Department and between Districts of Haiti

One modern gas station in each District of Haiti

Project #9    International

One apartment community to provide low-rent apartments to minorities

One Public HIV/AIDS Center in Florida

One Public Center to provide rehabilitation to prostitute and drugs addicted

Project #10 Three modern agricultural and aquaculture projects in each Department

  •   One modern supermarket in each District of Haiti
  •   One construction supplies store in each District of Haiti

Project #11  Three modern manufacturing industries or factories in each Department

  •   Two modern television stations and two radio stations in the country of Haiti
  •   For a media to the interest of the population to facilitate national reconciliation

Project #12  Haiti’s Peace Corps

  •   Train university students and graduates of Haiti to rebuild their country
  •   Provide them  jobs to encourage them to stay in Haiti to stop the brain drain
  •   Transform natural resources and tourism in concrete development projects
  •   Boost the Haitian’s economy
  •   Recruit professionals around the world as “Peace Corps model” to help rebuild Haiti

“If I feel no love for those who are suffered, no desire to help them and I am concerned only with my own needs, I have to wonder if Christ is really in my life.”

Section(s) Needed:  Who we are (specific people, qualifications) 

Departments (States or Provinces) of Haiti

DEPARTMENTSMAPHaiti is divided into 10 departments, comparable to states in the United States.


The departments are further divided into 41 arrondissements, 133 communes and 570 communal sections.













Area (km²)

Population (2003)



















(East Grand’Anse)





























Les Cayes







Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live…{Ezekiel 33:11}



Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. {Isaiah 55:7}



Finally, is it really possible to bring unity and national reconciliation in Haiti if the political parties do not feel the urgency to unite to restore that nation? How will it be possible to persuade people to unite for change when those who are supposed to be an instrument to inspire others from grassroots are fighting each other? A grassroots movement to revive the republic of Haiti is fundamental. If hundreds of political parties and factions are fighting to promote their own agendas instead of seeing the suffering and the agony of the mass, this goal will remain beyond our reach. There are too many political parties in Haiti. Very often they become antipathetic that creates hostility among the people and prevents every effort for improvement to the society to succeed.



In the name of democracy, they divide their community. They create instability. As a result, the citizens are terrified in their homeland. The Haitian people are afraid of their motherland. They want to flee their country either for safety or a better opportunity. If the citizens of a state abandoned their homeland to foreign countries; how anyone can expect foreign investors to bring their wealth to that state to open business and to create jobs for the development of that republic? Unless someone stands for peace, unity, and stability to open the path of nationalism or holism, convincing those factions to abandon their agendas is not likely.



As drug addicts and prostitutes are living in denial of their situation. They degrade or dishonor themselves and create a lot of damage to their bodies. They still have no glimpse of their depravation. They will not stand on their own. Through treatment and the support of society, we can help them to regain control of their lives. Certain political parties and factions in Haiti are found in similar situations. They will not be able to escape on their own. They have preached the message of discord and hostility for so long they become addicted to it. They are so obsessed in their delusions and from ignorance of concepts or principles of democracy they take pride to overthrow elected democratic government, even though they knew very often those types of revolt have caused thousands of innocent deaths. They pretend their action is to protect democracy.



Their priority is to satisfy themselves and fulfill the agenda of the enemy. Criticism, revolt or attacking their interests will not bring a solution to that matter. They need to detoxify from the hatred spirit that puts them in bondage for so long and prevents them from realize the damages they have caused to their country. It is obvious this is the greatest obstacle to overcome to bring national reconciliation in Haiti. Due to the people are waiting for a leader to inspire them to join or confederate to prepare a better future for the next generation. As a Christian foundation, RUNHARDH cannot do anything politically to change this dilemma. By faith through seminary, prayer and preaching the gospel, our God can transform their hearts and intervene in our favor.



They need to comprehend one simple thing that we (Haitians) are brothers and sisters to prove to the world we can make it again. Through unity, our society can win the war against poverty, cholera outbreaks, HIV/SIDA, and anarchy to restore our nation. By faith and hard work we will be victorious to end the agony, and humiliation of our brothers and sisters on the homeland and abroad. One day those political parties and factions will compromise to have only two political parties in Haiti. This should become a law and be ratified by the legislative branch to enforce the unity of our country. It should also enforce the law of the state to make sure only the legislative and judicial branches have authority to impeach an elected official or to remove a corrupt government. Instead of corrupt politicians to impeach an elected official or remove a corrupt government to replace with another corrupt government to promote their own agendas to the detriment of the mass.



“A new Haiti is not an ideal, but a condition to survive. A New Haiti will never be the work of a government, no matter what its ideology might be; nor of a man, no matter what his moral and intellectual accomplishment might be; nor of a foreign power, no matter what its wealth might be; nor of the reactionaries, no matter what their audacity might be; nor of the politicians, no matter what their popularity might be; nor of the tutor gods, no matter what kind of trust put in them by the people. A New Haiti will be the work of the almighty God or will never happen. It will be the initiative of right, honest, humble and sincere men and women, and of the people who, acknowledging their unworthiness before God for their crimes and their idolatry, give themselves to Jesus forever.”


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