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National Impact (AREAS OF SERVICES)

RUNHARDH is a growing organization with multiple projects planned for 2010 and the years to come.  Therefore our focus combines national, international, departmental, and local efforts nationwide. Obviously, the proposed projects will not solve all the unmet needs, but they will be sufficient to inspire hope, renew faith, and motivate Haitians to unite together in collective efforts to change and improve our country for all people, especially in response to the January 2010 earthquake that destroyed so many of the existing services. As we grow, we intend to impact and initiate new projects related to both, national, international and local goals, including: 



Radio and television stations


 Apartment Community, public HIV/AIDS center, rehabilitation center

Departments (States)

Orphanages; affordable housing for widows, elderly, homeless and low income,

Schools, community colleges, universities, medical schools, and libraries

Hospitals, nursing homes, projects for water, sewer, and sanitation

Agriculture, aquaculture, transportation, gas stations, factories and industry

Churches; offices of human rights, law school, modern HIV/AIDS center, modern supermarket, construction supplies store, train graduated and university students, jobs placement for university students, natural resources & tourism, boosting the Haitian economy and recruiting professionals abroad


Cities, urban areas, villages

Public health clinics

Literacy centers for basic literacy, high school equivalency, vocational training

By faith we firmly believe through the word of God and power of the Holy Spirit one day the criminals, the gangs and the kidnappers in Haiti will put down their weapons and renew their nationalism and patriotism to unite as brothers and sisters to achieve national reconciliation and restore Haiti to its full potency.


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