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This organization for social movement for national reconciliation in Haiti already has representative in all ten Departments/Provinces and forty cities of Haiti. Our main focus is the message of unity; in every city we have leaders of the movement to preach, motivate, and inspire the population to unite in a common goal to free this poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  Our firm belief is that only through unity can we restore our nation to its full potential.


In addition, Union for National Reconciliation and Defense of Human right in Haiti, Inc. (RUNHARDH) for the past year has been involved in the mobilization and motivation of the Haitian people to unify and to implement change: together we see clearly the need to reach out to the people of Haiti to address the inhumane conditions within our society. We are concerned about many of these conditions, such as child abandonment, prisoner treatment, and the inadequate education of most of our citizens. RUNHARDH intends to continually train members to equip them with the inspiration and faith to believe that these changes can and will take place.  Further, we are creating a network of active leaders throughout Haiti and in the United States who will work together to address each of the program goals and implement solutions in an organized, ethical manner under the faith and values we have as Christians committed to personal and organizational improvements throughout our country.


Our planned activities are based up on the purpose statement presented in the Articles of Incorporation, Article IV Section 4.1. We also propose to send members to each province or department, city, county, urban area, and village to teach and share with the population our inspiring message of hope, faith, unity, love, nationalism, and patriotism.  This ambitious goal seeks to motivate the people and help them together believe that they can truly bring about necessary changes throughout the country.


The foundational belief of RUNHARDH is to provide services to address the needs of the Haitian people in order to bring about a new paradigm of self-sufficiency, empowerment, and hope to transform the nation of Haiti from the poorest nation in the western hemisphere to a developing country renewing its historical legacy as the Pearl of the Caribbean.


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