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Three modern agricultural or aquaculture projects in each department of Haiti

AGRICUL1Although 70% of Haiti’s rural poor are involved in farming, there are very few large farm owners or employment opportunities related to modern agriculture. Farming among the industrialized countries utilizes high-technology on a large scale, resulting in huge losses of small farms and individual farmers. Successful agriculture protects citizens against famine, poverty, and malnutrition.  Attention to Haiti’s agricultural and aquacultural needs is essential in helping Haitians work for change and improvement in living conditions.


One of the contributing factors to Haiti’s long-term poverty has been the neglect or abuse of the farming industry, environmental practices leading to deforestation, floods, and diminished fishing supplies where the eroded silt has washed into the sea. AGRICUL2Haitians need to have access to efficient farming and fishing models where they can work and learn how to replicate successful operations. In order to establish three modern aquacultural projects in each Department of Haiti we will need three medium and three large fishing boats for each Department.  By establishing and operating three modern farms  projects in each Department, Haitian people will be able to see new ways of producing agricultural products to meet their own needs and reduce dependency on outside sources.



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