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Two modern television stations and two radio stations in the country of Haiti for a media to the interest of the population to facilitate national reconciliation

tvstation1Public communication is vital in every society; in Haiti, without wide distribution of newspapers, the people must rely on radio and television for news and information. A barrier to access has been the lack of electricity either through EDH or other power sources such as generators and inverters. Nevertheless, the broadcasting operations that do operate in Haiti are too often divisive and inciting violence or advancing personal interests and agendas rather than benefiting the people and bringing about unity and collective efforts.



tvstations2By creating and operating two radio stations and two television stations broadcasting throughout the country, our goal is to provide media that serve the interests of the people and galvanize Haitians to unite together for national reconciliation. One of the radio and television stations will aim to share the gospel and message of love and peace, destroying hatred and encouraging Haitians to work together in living faith and Christian action. The other radio and television stations will focus on collaborative efforts to develop national reconciliation, renewed patriotism, and hope for the benefits of working together to overcome barriers to our success as individuals and as a nation.



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