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One   modern gas stations in each District of Haiti

GASSTATIONAn additional problem in Haiti is the limited availability and excessive cost of gasoline and oil, leading to fuel shortages, exorbitant prices, and illegal trade practices across international borders.  When drivers do not have access to enough gas stations or cannot afford the fuel, everyone suffers.  By providing more gas stations with competitive fuel prices, transportation will become more reliable and able to operate throughout the country.  By creating an improved fuel supply system, people will be happier and more willing to have hope and faith, working together for more improvements throughout Haiti. 


These changes in particular will impact the current violence, frustrations, and selfish motives that prohibit adequate fuel availability in Haiti and provide opportunities for exploitation and racketeering. As a result, the Haitian people will no longer criticize their country for not doing anything for them; instead they will regret not having contributed to their country for more than two hundreds years. Through this introspection they will join together and work hard to bring change in Haiti through unity and national reconciliation.



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