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Recruiting professionals around the world as “peace corps model” to help rebuilding Haiti

recruiting1Haiti is in a situation where it would be extremely difficult for the Haitian people alone      to rebuild their country; at the same time the international community itself cannot change Haiti alone either. Therefore, the unity of the Haitian people combined with the world’s assistance should be a priority for the international community efforts to be successful. As a result, the Haitian people and the international community should work together for the reconstruction process to be successful. This is the reason one of the priorities of Haiti’s Peace Corps is to recruit professionals around the world as “peace corps model” to help rebuild this nation.


Since the reconstruction and the restoration of Haiti would be a long process, safe communities or secured zones will be necessary to locate those professionals that come from everywhere around the world in safe environment. Therefore, Haiti’s Peace Corps plans to build one modern safe community in each Department of Haiti and contract with a private armed security company to assure their security during their volunteers’ period. To assure them and their families that their safety is a priority and to encourage more volunteers to come to provide assistance.







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