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Industrial and Commercial Bank of Haiti (boost the Haitian’s economy)

banksSince the great recession that has affected all countries, many modern nations around the world bail out their countries of hundreds of billions dollars for recovery and a sustainable economy. Haiti has been in recession for decades. Since it is the poorest country in the western hemisphere it cannot bail out its economy. In addition, to the earthquake, cholera outbreak, and recession, the Haitian economy has become a complete disaster. Therefore, if anyone expects reconstruction and restoration of Haiti to consist only of building homes, infrastructures, schools for earthquake victims, removing debris on the streets, or only in the cities affected by the earthquake it would be a great obstacle to the restoration of the country.


Without a sustainable bailout specifically to boost the Haitian economy, the reconstruction will not be relevant and will not succeed. How can a nation whose economy consists of merchants sitting on the streets or walking with baskets over their heads as a normal way of doing business can expect changes for its citizens? In this modern era it is absolutely impossible to bring any change in this country if the Haitian government and the international community ignore those problems; to achieve this goal it will need social and economic reform. This is the reason Haiti’s Peace Corps will work with the international community to bail out the Haitian economy; that money will subdivide in three sections: for the Haitian citizens, those who live oversea and foreigners who want to invest in Haiti. That money will be loaned to businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals who live either in Haiti or around the world who want to invest in Haiti.


In a period of fifteen years, Haiti’s Peace Corps wants to assist a bailout of ten billions dollars to boost the Haitian economy; five hundreds millions dollars will be loaned to the businessmen in each Department or State of Haiti that will equal to five billions, three billions dollars for the Haitian’s citizens who live abroad who want to come back and do business on the homeland, and two billions dollars to provide loans to foreigners and minority people around the world who want to invest in the Haitian’s economy. Together it will be ten billions dollars over a period of fifteen years. The main objective is to provide loans to small businesses in Haiti, to help small business owners learn how to develop their businesses through seminary and training, to open the path to industrial revolution in Haiti to fight unemployment, trade deficit, and to end the agony of the Haitian people. Also this program will encourage more volunteers, foreigners, tourists, and Haitian citizens to assist with the reconstruction of the country. To achieve this goal, Haiti’s Peace Corps plans to establish the Industrial and Commercial Bank of Haiti and a branch in each District or Arrondissement of the country, well-train those who qualify for the loan before release, and create a micro-economy business style to make sure the loan will be paid back to assure those who support this program that their investments are guaranteed.



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