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Transform natural resources and tourism in concrete development projects in Haiti

naturalresThe brain drain in Haiti could be one of the reasons a country potentially rich with well-trained human resources, natural resources, and minerals is not transforming into concrete development projects to facilitate the development or the reconstruction and restoration of this country. Economic and political reform should be a priority to accomplish those changes. At the same time, without unity among the people and as world-class an education as modern nation to well prepare or train our professionals and university students, it would be impossible to transform those resources into concrete project development. Haiti’s Peace Corps is concerned regarding those problems to focus on training Haiti’s intellectual class and to work with the international community to provide high-tech technicians and tools or instruments to assist Haiti toward reconstruction and transforming its natural resources into concrete development projects.


Haiti is potentially rich with many touristic places that have been destroyed, abandoned, or neglected. If developed, tourism could also be one of Haiti’s major sources of income. To boost the reconstruction, the restoration, and to create jobs Haiti’s Peace Corps will work with the Haitian’s government and the international community to rebuild all destroyed touristic places in Haiti, to renovate all remaining touristic places that have been abandoned and to innovate all touristic places in Haiti to transform tourism into concrete development opportunities to boost the Haitian economy and restore Haiti to its full potency. Through tourism, there will be a great opportunity to encourage foreign investment, another key or element that is really important for the Haitian economy. Without foreign investment it would be too difficult to transform the economy. This is the reason tourism cannot be neglected in Haiti.




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