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Provide them jobs to encourage them to stay in Haiti to stop the brain drain.

JOBSFORSTUDENTSWe cannot expect any change from a country where professionals and intellectuals have to leave their country for a better opportunity to foreign state. Haiti cannot bear this burden to continue to lose its intellectuals class. For example, Canadian’s government offered many scholarships for higher studies opportunity to many Haitian’s citizens, but after their studies most of them do not return; in many occasions, after a certain period of time Canada granted residency status to those students and in some cases even granted citizenship. In reality, what are the objectives of this program? Their goals are to help Haiti in perspective to bring some improvements for the Haitian people.


Therefore, the Canadian authority moved from their initial objective and instead of helping Haiti it destroyed it’s economical and political system of the country; to boom the Haitian economy, boosting production, and transforming the political system the assistance of those Haitians’ professionals and intellectuals should be a priority; in some instances there are other programs where Haitians’ intellectuals can be granted residency to Canada. This is an example of the Canadian authority, but many other modern countries have done the same thing; very often in providing assistance to Haiti instead of helping in some occasions they hurt the country very deep.


Those activities increase the brain drain in the country and will complicate the reconstruction and the restoration process in Haiti. This is the reason one of the priorities of Haiti’s Peace Corps is to create a program to train those professionals and provide employment opportunities to them and to the university students to stop the brain drain. In return, to assist them to do the same thing for the rest of the country, specifically in building urban factory to boost community and urban development to finally accomplish decentralization in the country.



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