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Train university students and graduates to help the Haitian people rebuild their country.

graduatestrainingEvery modern nation needs the professionals and the intellectuals to bring in improvement to the society. This is the reason train university students and graduates in Haiti to be involved in the unity process and help to rebuild Haiti should be among the priorities for Haiti’s Peace Corps. First of all, to be successful it (Haiti Peace Corps) will establish “Students nationalism federation” in every Department and District to renew their patriotism for their country through seminary and training. In return, they will have the responsibility to spread this message to the population to facilitate national reconciliation of the country.


Secondly, inspire them to be confident concerning the reconstruction and restoration of Haiti for them to be sure they can make a difference if they renew their faith that they can transform their country through unity for the well-being of every citizen of Haiti. Finally, equip them with information, technology in every field that relates to the reconstruction to restore Haiti to its full potency also to train them to comprehend any revolt to overthrow an elected government will not do any good to the country. Instead, the government will need their support to be successful in bringing change to Haiti.



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