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Modern Shopping Center with Supermarket and Construction Supplies Stores

shoppingc1In order to reinforce the restoration of Haiti, the economy issue should be one of the priorities; the lack of shopping centers with supermarkets and construction supplies stores is a great obstacle boosting the Haitian economy and restoration. Consumers in Haiti found themselves in obligation to buy their products on the streets because of lack of shopping centers in the country. Those problems represent a great danger for the environment. On the other hand, those products on the streets could be contaminated with bacteria and cause huge epidemic outbreaks; a proper sanitation for products on the streets could be very difficult and make it extremely difficult to keep the streets clean.


This is another great obstacle that causes waste materials everywhere in Haiti that represent a great risk or a critical situation for the health of every citizen. Addressing those issues will be helpful to boost tourism and to reinforce tourism shopping centers and clean environments should be a priority. Those projects will assist to reduce the unemployment to create jobs and reduce violence that is related to the unemployment to encourage more investments from foreigners. This is the reason it is very important to establish a shopping center with supermarkets and construction supplies stores in every District or Arrondissement of Haiti to boost the tourism industry and foreign investors to reinforce the restoration.








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