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One Public Center to provide rehabilitation for Prostitute and drugs addicted in Florida

rehabilitationAs Christians how do we fight child prostitution when in some places around the world, prostitution is legal? Street prostitution is increasing and some countries even set aside areas for street prostitution. Do those types of action represent a problem for our society and influence our youth or indirectly influence the outrageous crime of millions of children whom have been forced to child prostitution every year around the globe? As believers, we cannot stay silent and not act regarding this matter. At the same time, financial crisis and economic problems could force many women and girls to be involved in prostitution. The situation could be worst among the poorest nations around the world.


On the other hand, drug abuse and addiction could be another element or cause of prostitution; very often drug addicts prostitute themselves just to have enough money to buy their drugs or their next dose. Since those people are living in the denial of their situation, they will not survive on their own; as a result, they need the support of the society. Through treatment and support, we can help them to regain control of their lives. We cannot expect to fight prostitution in our streets and ignore drug addictions in our community because in some level they are related. This is the reason RUNHARDH plans to establish a public center to provide rehabilitation to prostitutes, drugs addicts and to fight child prostitution in our society. We will move abroad depends on our fundraising and the assistance from the international community.



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