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One Public HIV/AIDS Center in Florida

HIVIADSCENTERSince HIV is considered a global threat around the globe, it is urgent as Christians to provide our assistance to fight this war against humankind. The recession crises around the world impact the financial support and commitment to fight this epidemic. As a result, the world needs the support of everyone to confront this threat. According to “Avert” in 2009 there were nine countries in Africa that had more than one tenth of the adult population, 15-49 years infected with HIV. In some countries in the Southern cone of the continent, one adult in five is living with the virus it is an outrage. in Botswana 24.8% of adults have been infected with HIV and in South Africa, 17.8% have been infected; with 5.6 million people infected, South Africa has more human beings living with HIV than any other nation around the world.


There are more than twenty-five million human beings who already died around the world of AIDS related diseases. 2.6 million individuals have been newly infected with HIV in 2009, and 1.8 million men, women, and children died. In addition, 33.3 million human beings around the globe are currently infected with HIV. According to UNAIDS, 75,000 people in North Africa and the Middle East were infected with HIV in 2009; that increased the numbers to 460,000. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 1.9 million people have been infected the same year. There are currently 22.5 million Africans infected with HIV/AIDS. In Uganda, the numbers infected have decreased to 7% in 2001 from 15% in 1990 and to 6.5 % in 2009. As Christians, we can make a difference if we were united together to help those who are in need around the globe.  RUNHARDH plans to establish its first clinic for HIV/AIDS infected in Florida to provide free services to the minorities and immigrants; also in Botswana and other countries in the future based on the fundraising and support from the international community.



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